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Succession Planning: A Personal Story

Last week we announced that Trek Principal, Michael Oleksak, has joined State Street Global Services in Boston. This opportunity pulls together all the threads of his career in banking, sales, portfolio management software and consulting. It’s a wonderful opportunity. And, as Michael’s business partner, co-author and spouse, I am really excited for him.

Losing Michael will be a big change. Anyone who knows him knows that there is no replacement for his infectious enthusiasm, endless energy and great ideas. Our clients and I will miss that. But I’m happy to report that we were actually more prepared for this transition than you might think.

That’s what makes this a powerful moment for our company. Over the past ten years, we built a body of intangible capital that made Trek more than just two consultants. Beyond this human capital, we developed:

As consultants to private business owners, we often ask the question, “Can your business survive without you?” It’s the ultimate test, a significant differentiator that translates into increased exit value for a business. The key is always maintaining a balance between these critical intangible capital components: human, relationship, structural and strategic capital. Such a balance brings sustainability as well as to innovation, performance and value.

I’m excited to continue to build Trek with your help. I plan to continue this newsletter and our various blogs, websites and communities. I hope that you will continue to share our firm’s Trek to Success.

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