2011 September : the end game

Tweets on 2011-09-23

Watching disruption innovation expert Clayton Christensen speak about disappearing jobs in U.S. (Boston) # Clayton Christensen says the creation engine of US jobs hurt by improved efficiency but without US based disruptive innovation. # Clay Christensen blames hedge funds, VC and private equity as transitory capital chasing short term profits as why US no longer [...]

Tweets on 2011-09-14

http://t.co/6bj0tmW Top 3 reasons why mid-market companies aren't hiring: economic uncertainty, weak market demand and health care costs. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweets on 2011-09-02

http://t.co/7PLmEsA Good return on lobbying dollar — CEO's who get paid more than company paid in taxes. Verizon, Boeing, GE, Ford, Coke # Powered by Twitter Tools

Tweets on 2011-09-01

http://t.co/5O9DHZz Some banks in MA get federal funding to stimulate lending to small business. # Powered by Twitter Tools